Tooling no longer supports management remote. Delete unreferenced start directory from Greenpages sample. Upgrade Equinox to stable version. Clean up the feature projects. Bundle with an invalid signature file digest gets installed when dropping it into the pickup folder. Bundle dependency graph displays a blank screen. Duplicate results returned by ClassLoader.

Nom: hibernate tools-3.2.0.ga.zip
Format: Fichier D’archive
Système d’exploitation: Windows, Mac, Android, iOS
Licence: Usage Personnel Seulement
Taille: 62.52 MBytes

Building Virgo Kernel with Java7u4 and Java7u7 fails. Dans un contexte sans IDE: Investigate integrating the Virgo console into the Eclipse consolve view. Update Apache Tomcat to version 8. Bundlor update site is published in wrong location.

Extraneous period at end of Goal Prefix. Bundle information boxes block navigating away from the Explorer tab. Repositories view offers the option of deploying a library.

Support hosted repository application on Virgo Jetty Server. Mon Jan 21 A message with the key ‘OFW’ was not found. Delete bin directory of kernel services hibsrnate dm fragment projects. Hibernzte « StateImpl » serialization leads to loss of platform property configuration. Support Bundle-Icon in the admin console.


Redeployment of web bundle to virgo fails. Use a generic solution for security on Virgo.

Configuration ePims pour le développement [ePims]

Document how to write custom artifact deployers. Virgo fails to load resources from ext repository if installed under a directory containing spaces. Remove instrumented support from the KernelBundleClassloader.

Plain Web Applications are not transformed on Virgo 3. OSGi state dump containing unresolvable bundle says there were no unresolved bundles. Bundle versions still at 2. Quick fix for missing Bundle-Version produces 1.

hibernate tools-3.2.0.ga.zip

Installing of equinox registry fails. Integrate signing on a more granular level.

Introduction à Java EE

Dependency on Tanuki service wrapper. Exponentially growing number of files in workspace metadata.

hibernate tools-3.2.0.ga.zip

NoClassDefFoundError when starting server from tooling. Ajouter le jar de ivy version 1.

hibernate tools-3.2.0.ga.zip

Une tools-3.2.0.ga.zkp de l’environnement nécessaire au développement d’ePims est identique à l’environnement de production. In the tooling, exploit the ability to deploy plans referencing artifacts by file URI.

Configuration ePims pour le développement

Issue with Virgo Admin page running in Internet Explorer 8. Tooling fails to start Virgo kernel 3. User guide has incorrect hosted repository configuration filename. Replace in-line strings with Constants. There is no way to tolls-3.2.0.ga.zip bundles to view in the Dump view of a state’s wirings. Default bundle is hibrnate highlighted when OSGi-state entry of a dump is viewed. Enable individual bundles in plans to be updated. Remove dependency on jline if CQ cannot be approved. ManagedService don’t call update when new configuration is put in pickup.


Les différents modules que l’on trouvent sous SVN sont donc formattés pour cet environnement.